Yeti SB160

Ride the Yeti SB160

Full carbon lineup to meet your budget with no sacrifice to performance

Switch Infinity suspension paired with FOX Factory 38 GRIP fork and Factory Float rear shock for the ultimate descending power and engagement

Podium-proven enduro prowess, awarded Enduro Bike of 2023 by Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine


Yeti SB160 Top Tier Build

The SB160 kits in the TURQ Series utilize the highest quality materials for the lightest and most aggressive carbon frame. The SB160 T4 has a FOX Factory 38 GRIP fork for optimal engagement and tunability. The high-performance suspension system on the SB160 T4 sets a high bar. A FOX Factory Float rear shock complements the Switch Infinity suspension system to maintain power, whether pedaling uphill or descending through chunky terrain. All T-Series SB160’s have an optional carbon wheel upgrade, including the T4. SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS rounds out this impressive display of top-tier components.

The Best Yeti SB160 Value Builds

All SB160 build kits begin with carbon frames, Switch Infinity suspension, FOX 170mm forks and 160mm rear shocks, and DT Swiss 29” wheel sets. The SB160 C1 and C2 are designed around the C series carbon with either SRAM or Shimano drivetrains. Optional upgrade to a FOX Factory fork on either C series SB160. A Burgtec Enduro stem, ODI Elite grips, Silverado saddle, and Maxxis tires mirror the TURQ series build kits.

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Inheriting the excellence of the SB150, the Yeti SB160 is a fast, race-oriented enduro bike that is ready to get sendy. The SB160 flaunts the futuristic Switch Infinity pivot suspension design, which translates to superior bump absorption at high speed, unparalleled durability through rugged terrain, and predictable responsiveness so you can race hard without worrying about bottoming out.

Race ahead on the best DT Swiss enduro wheelsets with a Carbon upgrade option. No matter how rowdy it gets between the race tape, the SB160 is an impressive match for the challenge.