Push Industries ACS3 Fork Coil Kit for Fox 36 150mm


Increased small bump sensitivity improving comfort. Increased traction improving control. All without compromising big hit performance.

Have you ever found yourself getting the sensitivity out of your air fork only to find that it's now mushy through the mid-stroke or too linear at the end of the travel causing a harsh bottom out? Or, are you over-pressurizing your air fork to eliminate that mushy mid-stroke only to find that now your fork lacks any level of bump sensitivity or initial traction?

With our ACS3 Coil Conversion Kit you'll get:

  • Smooth and supple initial coil feel.
  • Stable and controlled coil fork mid-stroke.
  • Adjustable big hit control of an air fork via our secondary Air Bump Stop Technology.

Only for 2021-2023 Fox 36 150mm travel. SPRING NOT INCLUDED