Salomon S/Lab Shift 13 Touring Binding

$473.96 $599.95
By Salomon


The new S/LAB SHIFT MNC 13 binding ushers in the next generation of freeride capability, blending the touring efficiency of a pin (low-tech) binding, with the performance of an alpine freeride binding. For skiers who like to push the boundaries of the mountain and their skiing, SHIFT to the first ever truly compromise-free binding.

  • SAFETY - +Elastic travel: The ultimate elastic travel on the wings. It holds the boot back when faced with bigger shocks and minimizes the risk of pre-release.
  • COMPATIBILITY & NORMS - TÜV: Binding tested and certified by the TÜV safety monitoring agency, the reference entity for safety certification.
  • POWER - XL Wings: Long wings that envelop the tip of the boot perfectly in order to provide increased power transmission and confidence in freeride bindings.
  • POWER - Low profile Chassis: Low stand height for increased terrain feedback and enhanced power transmission.
  • EASE OF USE - Easy climbing aids manipulation: Ensures easy switch with the poles between climbing aid positions.
  • EASE OF USE - Crampon system: Possibility to attach dedicated crampons to the binding.
  • MAIN MATERIAL - Aluminium: A rigid and strong construction that allows enhanced power transmission.
  • MAIN MATERIAL - Carbon-loaded PA: A very lightweight and resistant alloy of carbon and polyamid to fulfill the need for very light weight, extreme resistance and rigidity.
  • TOE - Hybrid Toe: Ultimate elastic travel allowing for the boots to be held back when shocks get bigger. Compatible with all the normed boots with no compromise on safety or performance.
  • HEEL - Hybrid Heel: Aluminum lever for a rigid construction allowing enhanced power transmission. Made with Carbon-Infused PA for a light, yet strong construction.