Giant Trance X 29

Giant Trance X 29 Top Tier Build

Trance Advanced Pro 29 features four build kits, each offering a unique set of high-tech components. All Trance Advanced Pro 29 builds have Advanced-Grade Carbon Composite frames, Maestro flip chip, and Carbon wheelsets.

The Trance X Advanced Pro 29 SE is a Special Edition model with many rider-customizable specs. An AXS-enabled, Bluetooth RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Flight Attendant fork assesses trail conditions and, paired with the Maestro linkage system, offers riders an unparalleled level of performance and adaptability. User-friendly adjustment options allow you to be in control, but you can trust that the high tech is also adjusting accordingly to ensure a high-performance ride.

On the Trance X Advanced Pro 29 1 model, you’ll experience the electrifying Fox 36 Factory Live Valve with a FIT4 damper. Only available stock on some bike manufacturers and models. This is a notable suspension innovation! Live Valve utilizes a battery-powered sensory system to adjust your fork and shock automatically so that you can focus your energy and attention on the technical terrain ahead.

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Giant Trance X 29 Options

Giant’s Trance X 29 is offered in two aluminum versions. The Sram SX Eagle build comes with a Rockshox 35 Gold fork, while the Shimano SLX build comes with a FOX 36 Float Performance fork. Both ALLUX SL-Grade build options offer durable componentry with custom-tuned Maestro Suspension, Maestro flip chip for adjustable geometry, 150mm fork and 135mm of rear travel.


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The Giant Trance X 29 is the more aggressive big brother to the Trance 29, bringing you a strong-willed trail bike that will ride with agility and playfulness on chunky rocks, roots, and steeps. Put on your knee pads, crank the pedals, and get ready to push your trail bike limits a little harder.

The Trance X 29 has a stable wheelbase that's longer than its predecessor, and 150mm of front travel. Although the travel on the Trance X 29 reflects an enduro-style suspension, we found this bike to excel on trails we're most likely to ride every day, balancing the tasks of a workhorse with playfulness.

The platform has four pivot points plus two linkages, lending to an active and efficient ride. Conveniently adjust the geometry of the Trance X 29 with Maestro flip chip technology. The Trance X 29 comes in two main build types––ALLUX, for a durable, pro-level aluminum build or the Advanced models, for a lightweight carbon composite frame.

Ride the Giant Trance X 29

Maestro flip chip technology to easily adjust the Trance X 29’s geometry to fit your ride style

FOX Factory Live Valve option to seamlessly optimize your suspension

Carbon Composite or Allux frame to fit any budget

Enduro style trail bike that can rally with the best of them