Pinarello Dogma F

Pinarello Dogma F Top Tier Build

Stunning aesthetics and ultralight, aerodynamic performance come together with the Pinarello Dogma F Dura Ace Di2. The sleek T1100 1K Dream Carbon frame with the F Onda fork hovers at a UCI legal weight of 15 pounds. The Dogma F is available in an impressive range of 11 frame sizes. Unless you’re willing to shell out some serious money for a full customization, this is the Dogma F bike to have with the best components to suit.

Going beyond internal cable routing, the Dogma F Dura Ace Di2 features fully integrated cable routing, although wireless components keep the aesthetic clean. MOST Talon Ultra Light integrated handlebars with TiCR cable routing completely hides any and all cables from sight, contributing to the sleek appearance and aerodynamics of the Dogma F Dura Ace Di2.

A Shimano Dura Ace Di2 groupset is the pinnacle of road performance. Emphasis on speed and precision is the backbone of the Dura Ace drivetrain, with the ideal balance of weight, aerodynamics and stiffness. The electronic Dura Ace Di2 drivetrain is constructed of carbon and titanium materials, lending to a featherlight weight of 1800 grams. The slim design and beveled edges compliment the Dogma F aesthetic while providing reliable performance.

Top speeds demand ultimate stopping power and the ability to modulate speed. The Dogma F Dura Ace Di2 buildkit offers Shimano Dura Ace rim or disc brakes. Shimano Dura Ace wheels complete the buildkit, for the optimal balance of weight and aerodynamics to attribute toward performance.

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Pinarello Dogma F Options

Beneath the towering peaks of the Dolomites, weaving between canal-lined city streets and picturesque vineyards hails the Pinarello Dogma F. The iconic Dogma F is a high-performance racing road bike that even the everyday rider will appreciate. With a recognizable aesthetic and the credibility of seven recent Tour De France wins (of the past 11), the Dogma F is bred for advanced handling, aerodynamics, and lightweight comfort. 

The Dogma F offers 352 sizing and spec combinations for perfect positioning and optimum performance. Riders select from eleven frame sizes, sixteen handlebar sizes, two seat post sizes, rim or disc brakes, and groupsets. No other brand offers this level of customization on a bike of this caliber. 

The Dogma F frame is sophisticated to the last detail. It features a TorayCa T1100 1K carbon asymmetric frame with nano alloy technology. A TiCR bar/stem combo offers state-of-the-art aerodynamics with ultralight headset bearings and cable integration. The Dogma F features an ultra-precise Onda Fork in two sizes, depending on brake style––rim or disc. A 3D-printed titanium seat post from Materialise improves the overall Dogma F weight and aerodynamics. Every detail of the Dogma F lends itself to a powerful ride. 

The Dogma F balances a high-performance cyclist's need for aerodynamics, comfort, and precise handling. Efficient climbing, accelerated descending, and sprinting to every finish line are the name of the game on the Dogma F. This bike sets a gold standard for the competition road bike category yet remains approachable for any aesthetic-loving cyclist seeking a high-performance road bike.

Ride the Pinarello Dogma F

More customization options that any other comparable road bike; 352 possible combinations to be exact

A recognizable aesthetic designed for absolute performance while climbing, cruising, and sprinting to the finish line

For the road racer in pursuit of top finishes, or the discerning rider seeking the pinnacle of road bike performance