Santa Cruz Tallboy

Ride the Santa Cruz Tallboy

A do-it-all 29er Trail bike ideally suited for an array of trails

From purpose-built flow trails to rugged, rocky trails, the Tallboy responds accordingly

All build kits feature carbon frames + SRAM drivetrains


Santa Cruz Tallboy Top Tier Build

Carbon CC is the go-to on top build kits. With either X01 or X01 AXS RSV, you’ll be rocking SRAM X01 components, Santa Cruz Carbon Bars, and top-line i9 hubs. Reserve Rims are available on the AXS RSV build (or available to purchase separately). The top-tier build kit is the lightest weight build of the Tallboy, under 29 pounds.

The Best Santa Cruz Tallboy Value Builds

The Tallboy C R build kit is where it all starts. A Carbon C frame paired with a Rockshox Pike fork (on all Carbon C builds, except S) offering performance and durability. SRAM's NX Eagle drivetrain provides a wide range of gearing with a negligible impact when anything needs replacement. The R Build Kit offers major bang for your buck!

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The Santa Cruz Tallboy is the goldilocks bike that fits just right on everything from cross country trails to enduro descents. Don’t be fooled by the short travel. The Tallboy achieves the perfect balance between pedaling efficiency, stability, and nimbleness while navigating chunky rocks and tight flowy berms.

Santa Cruz optimizes the geometry on every size frame to put each rider in the sweet spot. The Virtual Pivot Point suspension (VPP™) is Santa Cruz's proprietary system to give you the right amount of travel, delivered in a tough and reliable design. Think total chomp-ability on brake bumps and sendy desert tech without compromising your hard-fought pedaling efforts.

This is the ideal bike for anywhere that riding varies from flow to tech to high alpine adventure on a single outing, constantly demanding a bike (and rider) that is responsive and dynamic in any given situation.