Santa Cruz Blur

Ride the Santa Cruz Blur

No stranger to Cross Country race podiums worldwide

Features Santa Cruz's Superlight® suspension for maximum efficiency

Ideal for technical courses, high alpine routes, endurance races, and just about everything in between

Full line of carbon builds and quality components to meet your performance needs and budget


Santa Cruz Blur Top Tier Build

The XX1 AXS RSV model does not hold back. The Blur XX1 AXS RSV features race-ready electronic shifting, carbon components, including Santa Cruz Reserve wheels, and the Sid Ultimate fork from RockShox. Selection of the top-tier build will get you on their lightest Cross Country bike, coming in at around 22 pounds! Whew… it’s hard to find a full-suspension bike this light.

The Best Santa Cruz Blur Value Builds

A ‘C’ carbon frame will come in at a slightly higher weight and lower price point, with an otherwise identical level of stiffness and strength, as well as durability. The bones of the 'S' kit parallel the XX1 AXS RSV kit, differing mainly in weight and tech points such as electronic shifting, allowing you to get the performance quality of a higher build without emptying your wallet.

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It’s no coincidence that the Santa Cruz Blur stands high on podiums nationwide, including the famed Leadville 100. From epic racing on fire roads at 10,000 feet of elevation to the increasingly technical cross country singletrack races worldwide, the Blur holds its own as a light and fast XC race bike.

One thing we love about this bike is that it is not limited to race day; the Blur can handle way more technical terrain than your average Cross Country bike. Superlight® suspension separates the Blur (and the Blur TR) from the rest of Santa Cruz’s mountain bike line––it shaves weight with a traction-oriented design that reduces moving parts and provides greater support.

All build options don carbon frames––either C or CC––and feature RockShox Sid SL  Select+ or Ultimate forks (depending on build), Sidluxe Select+ or Ultimate rear shocks, depending on build), the new Superlight® Suspension, and Maxxis Aspen tires for the smoothest lightweight roll.