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Road race bike characteristics in a speed-loving gravel bike

Highly versatile tire clearance fits up to 700 x 47c and 650b x 2" tires

IsoFlex technology dampens road chatter for a more comfortable ride while maintaining frame stiffness and power transfer


Pivot Vault Top Tier Build

The Pivot Vault Team build with Dura-Ace Di2 pulls out all the stops. This bike is primed for road riding, gravel exploration, and cyclocross. Dare we say this is the perfect do-it-all skinny tire bike?! But not too skinny- the Vault can accommodate tires up to 700x47c and 650bx2”, giving you more than enough clearance for all your riding and racing objectives.

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 decks out the Vault Team build kit with electronic shifting and the highest performance in road technology. The Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain is designed to save you time and energy with every pedal stroke for optimum performance. Whether you’re racing or riding casually, the Team build kit is designed for precision.

The Vault lineup is designed around a Hollow Core carbon chassis, in frame sizes suitable for riders 5’ to 6’6”. At 998 grams, the Vault's frame is incredibly lightweight while prioritizing frame stiffness and ride quality. While you’re pushing the pedals up a rugged mountain pass, the Vault remains stable and in control.

Upholding the Vault Team's effort to be the best, you'll ride with Easton Carbon handlebars, a Reynolds carbon wheelset, a Pivot Carbon fork, and Phoenix Pro ISO FLEX Carbon seat post. The Vault Team Dura Ace Di2 build kit tops the charts in efficiency, comfort, and compliance. No matter how wild the ride gets, you can trust the perfectly spec’d components of the Vault Team to perform on gravel, pavement, or cyclocross course.

The Best Pivot Vault Value Builds

We'd be hard-pressed to call the Pivot Pro Di2 a “value” build, with it's high standard of design and componentry; Amongst the Pivot Vault build kits, the Pro Di2 build kit offers the most accessible price point for a top-notch gravel rig.

Whether you're apt to weekend coffee rides from your local shop or looking to race gravel or cyclocross courses, the Pivot Vault Pro Di2 is an excellent choice. With all Pivot frames, weight is a top consideration, but not without ample attention to riding quality, frame stiffness and durability––the Vault Pro Di2 is constructed with Pivot’s proprietary Hollow Core carbon frame technology and offers a lightweight yet stiff frame.

The Vault Pro Di2 can accommodate tires up to 700x47c and 650bx2”. Ample tire clearance offers riders versatility on all road surfaces––pavement, gravel, and cyclocross. The Vault Pro Di2 is also compatible with gravel-specific suspension forks, so you can optimize the build to be perfectly suited for the riding you favor.

Pivot’s patent-pending ISO FLEX technology seat post gives the Vault Pro Di2 added comfort and stiffness so you stay planted and in control when the road gets rough. The ISO FLEX seat post is compatible with dropper posts should you dabble with singletrack.

The Pivot Vault Pro build features Ultegra Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence) electronic components. Stemming from Shimano’s line of road-oriented drivetrains, the Ultegra Di2 2x offers more gear options, control, and precise electronic shifting.

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Let’s say you’re one of those riders who does it all––long haul gravel races on the weekends, all-conditions gravel explorations when you aren’t racing, and fitness pavement commutes in between––and you want a bike that provides standout performance on all of those things. The Pivot Vault was made with you in mind.

Featuring dual shortened chainstays that allow a massive range of tire clearance (700 x 28c–47c and up to 650b x 2”), pro-level power transfer from the BB386EVO bottom bracket, and next generation geometry with internal frame compliance, the Pivot Vault gives a new definition to versatility. It borrows performance characteristics of a road race bike––hyper responsive acceleration, clean tracking at high speeds, stability across any surface––and maintains them on pavement, smooth single track and gravel chunder.

Built on the 998g hollow core carbon frame, the Vault works to dampen washboard chatter with its seatpost IsoFlex technology. IsoFlex provides isolated compliance in the saddle, keeping you comfortable for the longest, roughest gravel rides without impacting the bike’s overall stiffness or power-harnessing performance. It’s compatible with dropper posts too. When you really want to turn on the adventure, the frame features top tube pack mounts and hidden fender mounts for all-terrain, all-weather preparedness. 

The Pivot Vault is available in Pro and Team level builds. No matter which you choose, you get cherry picked, top-quality Shimano and SRAM components to ensure you have the best ride, anywhere, every time.