Pinarello F (Prince)

Pinarello F (Prince) Top Tier Build

Road races beckon with the competition lightweight F9. With its podium-heavy World Tour race performance track record, the Pinarello F9 geometry caters to competitive riders. The Asymmetric Carbon T900 3K frame and Onda Fork enhance the aerodynamics while optimizing the bike's ability to dampen the road and offer precise handling. Matching the Dogma F's cockpit, the F9 features a MOST Talon Ultralight integrated handlebar, eliminating the appearance of any cables.

The F9 operates with the vital Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset. Complete with Shimano Dura-Ace bottom bracket, crankset, and drivetrain, the F9 efficiently translates your pedaling efforts into powerful forward momentum. Push the pedals up and over mountain passes with Dura-Ace’s lightweight design and effortless electronic shifting. Manage speed while flying down descents with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 2-piston caliper disc brakes with a 140mm rear rotor and 160mm front rotor. The F9 drivetrain optimizes your effort with efficient, instantaneous response and precision.

Wind tunnel tested and road racing validated, the MOST Ultrafast 40 wheelsets offer a competitive advantage with a lightweight and aerodynamic carbon design.

The Pinarello F9 is born to race.

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Pinarello F (Prince) Options

Riders seeking UCI-approved specs, top-notch race quality, and advancements inherited from podium performers like the Dogma F will appreciate the approachability of this no-fuss build kit. The F5 is offered in nine frame sizes; compared to competitors' range of only six frame sizes, you are sure to dial in the perfect fit. Long hours in the saddle, training and racing demand a comfortable and efficient bike. The F5 optimizes ride quality and comfort with the Asymmetric Carbon T700 frame, featuring a more comfortable layup with increased dampening. The wavy Onda Fork functions beyond aesthetics to offer precise handling for improved ride quality and performance. An aesthetically pleasing Jaguar cockpit with internal cable routing lends to the F5’s aerodynamics and sleek aesthetic.

Inheriting the technology of Shimano’s top-of-the-line road racing groupsets, the Shimano 105 Di2 12-speed drivetrain provides the F5 with efficient electronic shifting and low climbing ratios for enhanced control on steep road climbs. Synchronized shifting auto aligns the front derailleur so you can focus on performance. The 105 drivetrain features compact levers for sustained comfort, mile after mile. Shimano 105 2-piston caliber disc brakes provide ample speed modulation and stopping power.


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For road riders drooling over a Dogma F's sleek aesthetic and high performance, but cringing at the price point, welcome the Pinarello F series (previously the Pinarello Prince). The Pinarello F mimics the precision and handling of the Dogma F in a moderated TorayCa carbon fibre layup, adding ~100 grams to the frame weight. The geometry of the Pinarello F matches its victorious sibling and is offered in nine frame sizes with sixteen handlebar sizes. Finding the perfect fit couldn't be easier. 

The Pinarello F offers a competitive aerodynamic advantage with asymmetry and unique curvature along the entire frame. Flatback aerofoil tube profiles and an asymmetrical frame equate to a symmetrical ride. While pedaling efforts are, ideally, equal from both sides, drivetrains imbalance a bike to one side. The asymmetrical frame design accounts for this so your ride is balanced and symmetrical, and therefore more efficient. A Materialise 3D printed titanium seatpost and TiCR internal cable routing add another level of aerodynamic performance. 

Greater compliance is achieved with the Pinarello F’s tire versatility––up to 30mm tires––and the iconic wavy Onda Fork. Responsiveness on the Pinarello F is top-notch, so you can ride confidently and comfortably. 

The Pinarello F offers riders a high-performance, competition-level, race bike at an approachable price point. With all of the design advancements of its victorious Pinarello siblings, the Pinarello F gives you a competitive edge.

Ride the Pinarello F (Prince)

Matching the geometry, aerodynamics and aesthetic of the Dogma, the Pinarello F offers a competitive alternative

Primed for grueling climbs, fast-paced descents, and sprint finishes

For riders seeking an aggressive race bike at an approachable price point