Pinarello 21 Dogma F12 Disk 441 M Red 51


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Feel the Pinarello Dogma F12 Disk power at your command.

The Dogma F12 Disk is designed with renowned TorayCa T1100 1k Dream Carbon with Nano Alloy technology, equating to an impressively efficient, ultra-light carbon layup with a stunning aesthetic and impeccable performance. The Dogma F12 Disk is designed to provide maximum pedaling efficiency thanks to an asymmetrical frame design, maximizing power transfer and counteracting the greater force applied to the drivetrain.

An Onda F12 Fork with Fork Flap boasts a game-changing wavy, aerodynamic shape for maximum speed and control. The Dogma F12 Disk welcomes disc brakes, offering better speed control, and up to 28mm tires for versatility. 

A MOST Carbon Aero Seatpost offers stiffness and contributes to the superior aerodynamic design of the Dogma F12 Disk. With over a handful of Grand Tour wins, the Dogma F12 Disk frameset is fast, responsive, and powerful. Get ready to experience an agile, stiff bike that will take you to the finish line faster.


Pinarello 21 Dogma F12 Disk 441 M Red 51 Features