Santa Cruz Heckler SL CC MX, Magenta, X0AXS Reserve, Large


A sneaky ebike that's lightweight, powerful and has surprising range. All the on-trail traits of a Santa Cruz combined with the FAZUA RIDE 60 drive unit. 150mm of legendary VPP™ suspension, mixed wheels, and progressive geometry makes the Heckler SL a natural handling trail bike. Just with the added power of an ebike.

The Heckler SL's trim weight and the FAUZA RIDE 60 motor's natural feeling torque delivery feels like riding a normal mounting bike. Just with more punch. The range is similar to the full-power bikes because even though the battery is smaller, the RIDE 60 motor sips energy, and the significantly lighter bike makes the job of propulsion easier.

  • The geometry and 150mm travel gives familiar handling and ride characteristics of Santa Cruz's beloved MTBs.
  • The FAUZA RIDE 60 motor is lightweight and packs a mighty punch. The compact motor, fully integrated controller and display keep it subtle looking.
  • The mighty and efficient FAUZA drive unit combined with a 430Wh battery provides an equivalent range to that of full-power ebikes with bigger batteries.
  • The larger 29-inch wheel adds traction and stability up front, while the 27.5-inch rear keeps the bike nimble and fun in corners.