Specialized Epic Pro

$6,400.00 $8,599.99


The Epic Pro utilizes trickle-down technology, resulting in a high level of performance comparable to that of the top-tier S-Works. With its efficient suspension design and lightweight frame, this bike offers outstanding power transfer and performance, comparable to the top models used in the World Cup.

A Smarter BRAIN


The Specialized Epic Pro seamlessly combines the speed of a hardtail with the capabilities of full-suspension, resulting in an impressive performance. Since its inception, the Epic has been synonymous with an uncompromised commitment to speed and has even earned over 100 World Cup wins and podiums. Keeping with tradition, the newest Epic takes advantage of the most efficient BRAIN suspension ever created, ensuring it maintains its reputation for being fast. Enhanced alongside the new Epic, the updated BRAIN design sets a new standard for efficiency, utilizing a race-tuned pedaling platform to maximize every watt of power and effectively absorb rough terrain and impacts with greater smoothness than ever before.


The lightest frame!


Designed with a focus on maximizing power transfer and improving handling, the Specialized Epic Pro features a redesigned FACT 11m carbon frame. The rear triangle has been stiffened by 15%, allowing the BRAIN's race-tuned pedaling platform to reach its full potential. The front-triangle has also been lightened through a revised carbon layup, further increasing the already impressive stiffness-to-weight ratio of the Epic. On top of this, the Pro's Top-Adjust Position-Sensitive BRAIN fork allows for quick and stress-free suspension adjustments on the fly, while the SRAM XO1 Eagle AXS electronic group delivers precise and rapid shifts akin to the BRAIN's telepathic performance.