Specialized Tero X 6.0 Smoke/Black - Large


The Turbo Tero X is the ultimate full-suspension electric bike, designed for all-terrain riding and with plenty of storage space for backcountry essentials. Where will you explore next?

POWERFUL: Experience unparalleled performance with the Specialized Full Power 2.2 motor and Turbo Operating System. The same motor featured in our Levo, it has been rigorously tested in the most rugged conditions to ensure the highest quality ride every time. The intelligent e-bike operating system flawlessly combines custom software and hardware, allowing you to ride further and explore more than ever before. The MasterMind display offers instant tunability at your fingertips and keeps you informed with a built-in range estimator, ensuring you make the most of every ride. What's more, the MasterMind display effortlessly integrates with the Specialized app, providing optimized range tools, advanced tuning options, on-ride diagnostics, and more.

SMOOTH: The Tero X incorporates advanced technology and strategic design to handle tough terrains with ease, providing riders with unparalleled confidence, comfort, and control. With both front and rear suspension, a performance-oriented upright riding position, top-of-the-line Ground Control tires, and the added assurance of a dropper seatpost, navigating challenging routes has never been more accessible. Experience the ultimate in riding performance and control with the Tero X. Advanced technology and strategic design work together to easily handle tough terrains. With both front and rear suspension, top-of-the-line Ground Control tires, and a dropper seatpost for added assurance, you'll confidently conquer any route with comfort and precision.

VERSATILE: The Tero X comes equipped with a powerful headlight emitting up to 1,000 lumens of light, a bright rear light offering up to 22 lumens of illumination, and an integrated rear rack that can bear up to 20kg of weight. Additionally, the bike also boasts an extra front rack that can hold an additional 10kg of storage. With these features, no ride is too dark or challenging for you to tackle. So, gear up and hit the road with confidence