Specialized Epic 8 Expert



The newly-released Epic 8 revolutionizes the concept of speed through its incorporation of capability, efficiency, and lightweight design. In today's trails, there is an increasing need for greater levels travel, and the Epic 8 is the perfect solution. Its enhanced kinematics allow for the most efficient pedaling we have ever seen, and its custom-valved and tuned shock absorbers expertly handle any and all terrain. With its no-nonsense performance, the Epic 8 is the clear choice for XC racers and those who prioritize maximum speed.

 SUPERIOR CAPABILITY: Unmatched among 120mm bikes. The Epic 8's advanced geometry delivers impressive performance on technical terrain, while also excelling at fast climbs and acceleration. The exceptional lateral and torsional rigidity of the frame results in precise handling.

According to our tests, the updated Epic 8 model is able to absorb 12% more bump and vibration forces compared to the previous generation. This results in less fatigue for the rider, allowing for sustained power and the ability to continue pushing while others may struggle.

RIDE DYNAMICS TUNED: Specialized's Ride Dynamics team utilized custom valving for the new shock on the Epic 8. Their specifically designed damping properties bring a holistic enhancement to the overall riding experience. Through the optimization of the bike's dampers, leverage rates, and kinematics, the result is a bike that exceeds the capabilities of its individual components.

BIOMECHANICAL EFFICIENCY: By optimizing the kinematics of the suspension, Specialized’s Ride Dynamics team reduced inefficient pedal-induced bobbing by 20%, while maintaining active suspension for effective bump force management, to ensure you remain in the most efficient pedaling position. It’s the most efficient pedaling suspension bike we’ve ever tested. The Specialized Epic 8 Expert boasts enhanced suspension and efficient bump force management to minimize pedal-induced bobbing by 20%, allowing you to maintain an optimal pedaling position. According to our Ride Dynamics team, it's the most efficient suspension bike on the market today.

MORE WITH LESS: The Specialized Epic 8 Expert offers exceptional performance without added weight. Every model comes equipped with SWAT 4.0 for convenient storage of essential trail items, as well as an integrated steering stop to protect the top tube from damage during a crash. Notably, the latest version of the S-Works Epic 8 frameset has actually decreased in weight (76 grams to be precise) while incorporating these new features.