Specialized Epic 8 Pro Evo



The ride of a lifetime awaits with the Specialized Epic 8 Pro Evo - the ultimate downcountry bike. Featuring the latest iteration of the Epic 8, this bike is equipped to conquer any terrain with its impressive blend of efficiency, capability, and lightweight design. Its upgraded kinematics allow for effortless ascents, while the expertly-tuned shock absorbs rough terrain for a smooth descent. If you're seeking an adrenaline-fueled adventure on single track trails and the satisfaction of high-fiving your friends at the finish line, the Epic 8 EVO is the perfect choice.

UNMATCHED CAPABILITY: Discover the impressive capabilities of the Specialized Epic 8 Pro Evo. With enhanced capabilities and progressive geometry, this bike excels in technical terrain, while still maintaining efficient climbing and acceleration abilities. The chassis boasts extreme lateral and torsional rigidity, resulting in precise handling. Enjoy the added bonus of 130mm of travel and a range of trail-friendly features for a smooth ride over rough terrain.